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Playbrush + Games Subscription (biannual) - Rot

Playbrush including all 5 games and access to the data monitoring app for parents

1x  Playbrush
1x  Kids toothbrush
1x  Smartphone  holder  for  the bathroom 
Full  access  to  all  brushing  games
Full  access  to  data  monitoring  app
Full  access  to  Playbrush  rewards  program

€24.99 + €9.99 once, then €9.99 every 6 months for all games. Cancel any time. 
Per household you only need one Games subscription. If you have two or more kids, you only pay once for the subscription and all kids have access to all the games.

Playbrush fits onto the handle of any manual toothbrush so kids can play fun and interactive mobile gaming apps (Android and Apple) whilst they brush their teeth. Suitable for children aged 3+


With the Games Subscription you have full access to all of our brushing games and the data monitoring app for parents. You can also earn up to €30/year in discount on your renewal or in cash via Paypal through our Playbrush Rewards program.