Playbrush Monthly Membership starting at €1,79 per month

We have introduced Playbrush membership so we can offer you the best possible brushing experience. All membership payments are channeled into game development so we can offer you brand new games, whilst always improving and updating our current games.

The monthly membership has to be activated within any of our apps (Utoothia, Utoothia Sky, Utoothia Magic, Utoothia Paint, etc.) AFTER you received your Playbrush.

We offer three options for the Monthly Membership. All plans include 1 free month.

Our Plans

* most common plan 

✓ free month   ✓ cancel anytime   ✓ no activation fees   ✓ no hidden fees   ✓ prepaid 
 ✓ free of third party ads   no further in-app purchases necessary 


Still not convinced?
Your Playbrush experience not only consists of the Playbrush device (the colored attachment to your toothbrush) but also of the many games that you will play. It is our single most important aim to make your and your kids’ experience with Playbrush fun, entertaining and rich in variety. Hence we focus on continuously developing more games and constantly updating existing games based on our customers’ feedback. This happens while you already own a Playbrush and you will profit from it as long as you use your Playbrush (that’s the good thing about apps – they can be updated and new ones are released). For us it is associated with ongoing costs of development and infrastructure. That is the reason why we are charging you a low monthly fee.

Our Promise:
We charge the lowest possible price for your Playbrush (the “Playbrush Kit”) and the best price for the games (the “monthly membership”) just as long as you use your Playbrush. We are confident you will love Playbrush, its many games and features but we all know things change and kids loose interest. That’s why you can cancel your membership anytime and restart the service anytime. We don’t charge any activation fee or other hidden fees. Oh and did we mention that your first month is free?

The monthly package contains


Common Questions

How does the Playbrush Membership work?

  1. Buy the Playbrush Kit
  2. Choose your membership plan in any of your apps
  3. Enjoy free games, statistics and new toothbrushes every 12 weeks
  4. No hidden fees, no activation, easy to cancel anytime

    Can I try the app before I start the membership?

    Of course you can! Each membership comes with one FREE trial month.
    Simply chose your preferred membership plan, start playing and make sure to cancel within the first 30 days if you don't like the games - but we promise you will love them!

    Is there an activation fee?

    Besides the cost for the Playbrush Kit, there are neither activation/setup fees nor other hidden fees.

    When can I cancel the membership?

    You can cancel the membership anytime.

    How do I cancel or change my payment details?

    You can change or cancel your membership either within the apps or within the App Stores (Manage membership in: Apple iTunes // Google Play Store)

    Do I have to pay for each user?

    Within the apps it is possible to have multiple players/users and you don't need to pay for each user.

    Can I use various phones with one membership?

    Currently this is not possible automatically. If you want to use more than one phone with your membership, please write an e-mail to and we will enable you this feature.


    If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact as at or visit our FAQ section at