Do your children brush teeth independently?

 Playbrush fits onto any manual toothbrush.Playbrush connects to one of our Apps via Bluetooth, so children can play games, collect medals, explore levels, and receive cleaning feedback while brushing their teeth


Playbrush connects to one of our game apps and translates the brushing action into the game. Children can fly planes, paint pictures, explore levels, and receive live feedback while brushing their teeth. 

• Varied games promote brushing skills and motivation 

• Your Kids brush twice as long and all the way around their mouth *

*Wissenschaftliche Studie mit 115 Kindern, Unilever 2017

Do your kids brush properly?

Playbrush helps parents to improve the toothbrushing behavior of their children

  • Keep an overview of the cleaning results of your children, always and everywhere with the data monitoring app
  • Check if they really brushed long enough and thoroughly.


By purchasing Playbrush, you get access to 2 games, levels and cleaning statistics after each game.


Our Playbrush + Games Subscription is not only our Bestseller, you get 1x Playbrush, unlimited access to all games and additional access to the data monitoring app for parents, which accurately records your child's brushing behavior.


Playbrush Double Pack + Games Subscription includes unlimited access to all games and access to the data monitoring app for parents. Especially suitable for Kids who like to play our Game Utoothia Dance!

What Parents say about Playbrush

"My two love the variety. The dance game has taken a special liking to them. They start fun dance battles now every day. Can only recommend this game!"

Susanne, 22.04.2018

„Playbrush is not just a fun game, but actually measures where and for how long my kid’s teeth were brushed, and where they need to improve. We all look forward to toothbrushing in the evening as tantrums and tears have vanished.“

Jacob, 4.2.2018

30 days money back guarantee



If you are not satisfied with your Playbrush, you can return it for a replacement or refund within 30 days.